Malaysia Proposes Skills Training Institutions To Foster Stronger Asean Cooperation

Bernama Online(AM): 23/09/2016 PUTRAJAYA, Sept 23 (Bernama) -- Malaysia has proposed to the relevant bodies to form a network of skills training institutions in the ASEAN region to foster strong cooperation in the area of skills development.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem said the institutions would play a role to enhance collaboration and engagement in the capacity building for trainers, vocational training and enhancing the development of skills curriculum across the region.

He said it would also cater ideas, views and experiences exchange among ASEAN members to remain relevant and attuned to the technological changes and skills sets required by the industries.

"As ASEAN enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the need to continuously upgrade the skills of the workforce to keep pace with the advancement of technologies becomes more critical," he said.

Riot said this when delivering his keynote address at the opening ceremony of the 11th ASEAN Skills Competition (ASC) 2016 here today.

In addition, Riot stressed that the government must continuously adapt to this fast changing transformation through collaboration with stakeholders and industries to ensure the future workforce is equipped with the relevant skills sets needed by the future job market.

"With the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community last year, the ten-member bloc will face challenges related to skills development, wages and productivity, labour migration and social protection system.

"In addressing these challenges, further collaboration and engagement among the relevant bodies in the ASEAN member states are vital," he said.

Themed 'Skills for a Brighter Future', Riot said the skills competition reflects the important role of skilled workforce for are sustainable development of ASEAN.

The competition will see 276 participants, aged 25 and below, from 10 ASEAN countries contesting in 25 skill areas.

The skills competition, held concurrently with the National Skills Exposition and Carnival (KEKK) will be organised at the Malaysian Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) in Serdang from Sept 19 to 28.




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